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ATTENTION:  Due to the  drought ongoing since 2010 in SW Oklahoma, we will not have any beef for sale until further notice.  We estimate that it will take two years of normal rainfall for our grazing pastures to recover to the point we will again be able to offer lean, clean, chemical-free gourmet beef to the public.  Thanks to all of our prior customers and please check back on this page from time to time.


We sell lean, clean, chemical-free beef! We never use steroids, artificial growth hormones or antibiotics on our beef animals. If a steer gets hurt or sick and needs antibiotics, then they are taken out of our beef program and simply taken to the auction sale at the appropriate time. We keep a health record on each individual animal.

We strive to finish out our animals on forage - typically a green oat or rye field in the fall is the last segment of our program (see photos below). In the summer the steers are usually on a millet field (see photo of two brown steers below). For the "in-between" times when the cultivated fields are being prepared, the animals are on native pastures. We do feed purchased feed if the forage is deficient because of drought, ice storms, etc. However, there are NO FEEDLOTS in our program.

For a collection of scientific, peer-reviewed research on the benefits of forage-finished beef, we HIGHLY recommend that you carefully read through the website at: There you will find information that will amaze you as to the commercial system of producing commodity beef in the feedlot - and a comparision of the health benefits of forage-finished beef vs. commodity beef that you find in your grocery store. We can almost guarantee that you will find information at that website that will be hard for you to believe; and we recommend that you follow up and go to the scientific journals that are footnoted if you need further convincing.

Our typical harvest time for beef is January through February. This time frame gives our steers 3 to 4 months on the winter pasture before butchering. We sell by the half or split-half. The beef is cut to your specification (see chart below) and it is vacuum-packaged...ready for your freezer. Note that there is NO freezer burn with this packaging even if you don't use it up for over a year. Call, write, or email us and we will send you our farm brochure and current price listing.