Murray Grey Beef Cattle Produce "Naturally Better Beef"

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OK Major

One of our previous herd

sires, pictured at 3 1/2 years.

Murray Grey beef cattle produce "Naturally Better Beef" at Beaver Creek Farms. We are a family-owned farm with cattle, pasture, and hay fields in Comanche and Stephens counties of Southwest Oklahoma!

Beaver Creek Farms produces Naturally Better Beef; we are committed to employing sustainable agriculture methods and to the humane treatment of animals.

Our Goals:

  1. Provide lean, clean, chemical-free beef direct to the consumer.
  2. Provide breeding stock animals to other beef producers.

Welcome to our farm! We hope you will look at each and every page of this website; and we especially appreciate your comments and suggestions. Contact us by phone, mail or e-mail if you are interested in tender, delicious beef for your family, or if you are in the market for high quality breeding stock!

Murray Grey International Association